The Watford Observer reviews HTNY at The Horns (May 21st, 2011)

21 May 2011

Disenchanted with his lack of success in the UK music scene, singer songwriter Sam packed his bags and hopped on a plane to New York.  He hadn’t been there long before he realised he’d made a terrible mistake, so returned to England, to give his music career another shot.  And from all appearances it’s paid off.

Sam, along with Ross (guitar), Dan (bass), Scott (guitar) and Martin (drums), all based around the country, have come together to form the band Halfway to New York.  A name befitting Sam’s quick trip over the pond.

And with the backing of U2’s Grammy award-winning Simon Gogerly, they are quickly gaining notoriety on the Indie music scene as a cross between The Doves and Snow Patrol – with a slash of Stereophonics for good measure.

On Monday night, Sound Advice had the privilege of catching the charming fivesome’s performance at The Horns, Watford.

For some of the band members, Ross and Scott, the gig was something of a homecoming.  Sam says:  ‘We’ve recently played the Barfly, but it’s great to be at The Horns, we’re looking forward to playing in Ross and Scott’s hometowns. “Our audiences are pretty diverse, so it’ll be good to see who pops along for the gig”. And for a school night, turnout was pretty good.

Songs including Over and Out, What a Way to Go and Treading Water were well received, but it was Blue Eyes that was the real corker of the set.  Emotive, haunting and soulful, it’s a beautiful song, and undoubtedly one of their best.

As for their stage presence, they’re pretty solid.  Sam ably leads with a certain arrogance and swagger befitting a natural performer,  While Ross, Scott, Dan and Martin provide ample support, encouragement and banter.

A test of their popularity came at the end of the set when the audience called for an encore, which Halfway to New York were happy to oblige – with Push.

They’re almost there…….

—– Amie Mulderrig, Watford Observer —————–




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