“The Record Collector” reviews HTNY at The Borderline, August 20th, 2011

02 Sep 2011

At a showcase for indie bands, this bunch were the stand-out, mixing indie rock with guitar pop and a touch of Americana, with more than a feel of Snow Patrol about them. With a new album due in 2012, the band were showcasing their new single, Out Of Time, which opened the set with aplomb. From the outset, the band were tight, polished and well-rehearsed, and each song received a progressively more enthusiastic response from the crowd. The guitars worked well together and the vocals were melodic and well delivered. Blue Eyes had bursts of melodic rock about it, and the slower Slide By saw the lead guitarist introduced as “David Gilmour”(!), the searing guitar solo right up Pink Floyd’s street. The six-song set finished with a faster, rockier number, and showed how good the band are. Definitely one to look out for.

Joe Geesin




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